WSESD Board Statement On Reporting Information To Law Firm

Windham Southeast School District
53 Green St.

WSESD – Statement from the Windham Southeast District School Board
January 25, 2022

The Windham Southeast District School Board (WSESD Board) has formally engaged the services of Attorney Aimee Goddard of Buehler & Annis PLC to investigate reports of sexual abuse, harassment and/or abuse of power by current or former faculty, staff or administration. In addition, the investigation will examine whether current and/or former faculty, staff, or administration, including board members, had knowledge of any such misconduct and failed to take appropriate steps to protect students.

We know that reporting such painful events may require reporters to revisit uncomfortable feelings and difficult memories. Attorney Goddard has decades of experience working with survivors, victims, and their families and will make every effort to accommodate reporting needs in an environment that is safe and supportive. Attorney Goddard recently shared with the WSESD Board that, “My colleagues and I have been serving southern Vermont for more than two decades and our commitment to the people of these communities is deep. I am confident that a thorough, respectful and honest investigation will yield the highest level of accountability and healing possible. The communities of the Windham Southeast School District deserve nothing less.”


If you wish to report information regarding sexual abuse/harassment of students and/or abuse of power by current or former faculty, administration and staff of the District, you may call (802) 451-0905, send an email to or visit

We understand that some may feel hesitant to disclose details unless they can be assured of confidentiality. To provide as much confidentiality as possible, the WSESD Board has directed Attorney Goddard not to disclose the names of reporters or victims. However, there are some circumstances where Attorney Goddard may be obligated to disclose the identity of a reporter to the WSESD Board. Such circumstances include reports that trigger the WSESD Board’s mandated reporting obligations and to prevent any current or future abuse.

Anyone who chooses to come forward will be fully apprised of confidentiality options and obligations prior to reporting so that they may make an informed decision about how they wish to proceed.

The School Board will be advised of the names of current or former faculty, administration and staff who become the subject of a credible report, as these incidents may require an immediate response from the District. Credible reports involving current faculty, administration, and staff will also be referred to the District, which will follow existing protocols for forming a response. To preserve the integrity of the investigation Attorney Goddard will not be sharing any information, commentary, or updates with the public or the press and all such requests will be declined.

The WSESD Board expects this investigation to promote transparency, accountability, and healing and we are committed to taking the steps necessary to bring our past to light as we protect our future. We know that some members of our community will need support as this process continues, and we encourage people to reach out to the Women’s Freedom Center for support or referrals to additional resources. They can be reached on the web at, or by phone at (802) 254- 6954 (Windham County) or (802) 885-2050 (Southern Windsor County).

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