Windham Southeast School District Policy and Amendment Committee Meeting Minutes – May 8

Note: these proposed minutes should be considered preliminary until they are approved by the
committee at a future meeting.


Windham Southeast School District Policy and Amendment Committee
Monday May 8, 2023

Regular meeting 2:30 PM

Hybrid meeting: WSESU Central Office, 53 Green St., Brattleboro VT and
Remotely via Zoom

Draft Minutes

Policy and Amendment Committee members present: Deborah Stanford (DS), Eva Nolan
(EN), Ruby McAdoo (RMa), Anne Beekman (AB)

WSESD/U Staff and Administrators present: Mark Speno, Paul Smith, Keith Lyman,
Barb Nowakowski, Brin Tucker, Tate Erickson, Whitney Lynde

BUHS Student Advisory Committee members present: Kaiya, Lucy, Theia

Community members present: Liz Adams, Jaime Contois

The meeting was called to order at 2:35PM by DS.

I. The minutes of the April 24, 2023 were approved by assent

The Committee will meet next on Monday, May 22, 2023 at 2:30 PM

II Updates

Policy wsesdF35AnimalPolicyAdopted4-25-2023.pdf was adopted by the WSESD Board on April 25, 2023.

III Policy discussion

Policy WSESDF42DressCode.pdf

Students from the BUHS Student Advisory Committee attended this meeting.

They report that they find the policy to be fair.

Insert: Hats and hoodies must allow the face to be visible.

It is noted that the MS teachers are all right with hats, but object to hoodies.

Remove: the words “enforce” and “enforcement”

Suggested points to consider:
There is objection to certain logos which may cause offense. Concerns 
were raised regarding the micromanagement of brands.

Insertion of language noting that policy is a living document and subject to 
change, and include the words “reviewed annually”

Care should be used in how students are addressed when they are in violation of the dress code should use language that reinforces our values, and that enforcement should be consistent

It is noted that enforcement by its nature puts up a barrier to education.

Questions were raised asking whether there is clothing that is appropriate for elementary students that is not appropriate for middle and high school students, and vice versa.

Policy wsesdg8.pdf Continuous Improvement Plan

This policy is being studied to determine where educational standards are reflected in policy.
PS presented the committee with a copy of the WSESU CIP. This is a district- 
wide plan with school based components. Title I schools must have individual school based plans.

Suggestions included: Board approval of CIPs, establishment of an ongoing CIP committee, monthly reports to the board, possible community involvement

The current CIP team will go over the plan and suggest places for useful engagement.
The meeting adjourned at 4:42 PM.

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  • Slippery Slopes

    What if someone had the Colonel Logo on a hat and wore it in the house of the Colonels?

  • Slip slidin' away

    What if we just skipped the idea of mascots altogether? Make some news by saying we’re dropping it.

    “It’s the Panthers vs the high school sports team from the Brattleboro Area!”

    Or, since language is devolving, be the first team to have an emoji as a mascot.

    “It’s the Panthers again, this time up against the smiling happy face of Brattleboro!”

    I’d like to see some name that, when seen in print or heard on the radio, sounds terrible if we lose…

    “The Panthers defeated the Helpless Ducklings in a close game…”

    … and equally cool if we win:

    “Helpless Ducklings destroyed Panthers in overtime.”

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