Carnival! is coming to town! For four nights only, April 3-6, audiences will thrill to the dazzle and daring of B. F. Schlegel’s Grand Imperial Cirque de Paris at The Grammar School in Putney.

An amusing love story, set in a traveling circus, Carnival! brings us the popular theme song “Love Makes the World Go ‘Round,” and the whimsical, eccentric characters of Lili, an optimistic orphan; Marco, the magnificent magician; his partner the incomparable Rosalie; Paul Berthalet, a lonely, bitter puppeteer; and B.F. Schlegel, the demanding owner and ringmaster of “The Grand Imperial Cirque De Paris.”

Amidst the magic and fantasy of the circus, exists a playful tale of hidden love, deception, jealousy and innocence. As this comedic drama unfolds, audience members of all ages will enjoy the antics of the Siamese twins, gypsy snake charmer, souvenir salesman and burly strong man; the feats of jugglers, clowns, acrobats, magicians, and puppeteers; and a performance filled with music and dance.

The Grammar School’s 7th and 8th grade students bring this entertaining revival to Vermont in a full-scale theatrical production. Though unusual for a pre-k through 8th grade environment to present a production of this magnitude, it is an annual tradition at TGS. A unique community where each student’s creativity and individuality is encouraged and valued, TGS’s annual musical production is a culmination and cornerstone of its music and arts curriculum.

Contributing their considerable knowledge and skill to bring Carnival! to the stage are director and choreographer Juliet Avelin, and producer and music director, Alli Lubin. This is Lubin’s 20th production as Head of the Music Department at TGS. Working with Lubin throughout the production are assistant producer and backstage manager, Sally Seymour and choral director, Jared Stolper. In the orchestra pit, under Lubin’s direction, are: Dan DeWalt, piano, accordion, trumpet; Jared Stolper, guitar; Carol Cutts, keyboard; and Lisa O’Keefe, flute. Costume design is led by Natalie Thompson with assistant, Jan Spanierman; and set design is led by Julia Zanes, with signs designed and painted by Donald Saaf.

Join The Grammar School for Carnival! Wednesday through Saturday, April 3-6, 2013, 7 pm, on its campus at 69 Hickory Ridge Road, in Putney, Vermont. Tickets, $10/adults, $5/students & alumni, $25/families, are sold at the door. To reserve seats in advance call TGS at 802-387-5364. Thursday’s performance is presented as a benefit for Putney Family Services. For more information visit

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