Next Stage 2022 Artist-in-Residence Amirah Sackett and MR MiC present “BeatBox MEETS Popping” on July 2nd at SIT

International artists Sackett and Ahmed Zaghbouni aka MR MiC join forces to bring a fun and energetic performance entitled “BeatBox MEETS Popping.” Amirah is a hip-hop dancer, choreographer, and educator based in Chicago, IL. Her signature style is the funk style dance known as ‘popping’. As a proud Muslim American, she combines Islamic themes with her dance to share the universal beauty of her faith with audiences of different faith backgrounds to promote unity and understanding. Ahmed Zaghbouni is an international beatboxer and filmmaker from Sousse, Tunisia. His performance always entertains the audience with disbelief by the sounds he creates only using his mouth and voice as an instrument. He is proud of his Muslim heritage and the Sufi faith traditions native to his home of Tunisia. These two Muslim artists, bonded by faith and their love of hip-hop, offer a counter narrative to the media’s portrayal of Muslims. Both Ahmed and Amirah are dedicated to preserving and sharing hip-hop culture with the next generation and audiences around the world, as well as being examples of using art for social change.

Andrzej Mikijaniec on “Here We Are”

Authentic Polish food, stories of leaving the homeland, and all Borscht sales donated to the Ukraine – plus everything served up with humor and heart – Andrzej and his Polish Food Stand – a Brattleboro treasure, indeed. (now located in West Bratt.)

Stephen Dotson on “Here We Are”

STEPHEN DOTSON is all over the place! As Brattleboro’s Sustainability Coordinator he talks to everyone – from our road crews to the Rich Earth Institute – and collaborates to find real, practical and creative ways to help all of us live healthier and happier lives in this community.

Winter Sunshine Puppetry Series presents Oma by Sandglass Theater

Putney, VT- Sandglass will present their own newest show for families, Oma, with a special musical score composed by Molly Gawler and the Gawler Family Band. Oma says that knitting is not just pom pom hats and sweaters. Oma’s knitting contains whole stories! This new family show by Shoshana Bass and Jana Zeller is an intergenerational tale that revolves around Grandma or “Oma.” It is her birthday and all are preparing for the celebration. While the grown-ups manage work phone calls, playdate logistics and other such tasks, the children get into mischief with party decorating, present wrapping, cake baking. Finally they all gather around for one of Oma’s stories told in yarn. One character emerges from the tangle of wool and nearly ruins the party. But not to worry, all ends well at Oma’s house.

Steve Barrett on “Here We Are”

We say Farewell and Happy Trails to one terrific man who managed and supervised Brattleboro’s infrastructure for 47 years – trouble-shooting from the hip and getting the jobs done. Steve retired at the end of 2021, leaving us in good hands with Dan Tyler who worked with Steve for many years.

Antiques Roadshow Coming To Other End of Vermont

A press release announces the fun:

“Antiques Roadshow is Coming to Shelburne Museum!

Time to rummage through your attic! ANTIQUES ROADSHOW will make its first visit to Vermont on July 12 at the Shelburne Museum for an all-day appraisal event as part of the series’ 27th production tour.

“Here We Are” with Sara Coffey

For Sara Coffey, people come first. In this show, Sara shares stories of how anthropology, dance, and early travels widened her experience and her curiosity — and how she discovered community engagement as a mighty force that creates and connects, from the Arts arena to being a Vt. State Representative.

COVID Christmas

I thought we could retire this one last year, but now it’s a becoming a regular holiday special. Here it is again, the COVID Christmas Anti-Viral Holiday Special…  stay safe everyone!

Mara Williams on “Here We Are”

Join Mara Williams as she tells stories about her adventures as Curator for the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, featuring Red Grooms, Wolf Kahn, Jim Dine and the many local luminaries who helped put BMAC on the map.

Julian McBrowne on”Here We Are”

Next Stage Arts, Yellow Barn, Vermont Jazz Center – Julian McBrowne, Audio Engineer extaordinaire brings great sound and harmony wherever he goes – from our local venues to world tours and even a Caribbean island. Take a listen!

Lighting Up The Park At Night

I had to laugh last night during the Selectboard meeting. Dick DeGray, a former board member, called in to suggest putting lights in a park to illuminate a monument at night. It’s a good idea – flags and monuments should be lit, in my view – but it reminded me of our sock puppet selectboard special in which the sock puppet board debates putting lights in a park.

Enjoy the memories:

Veteran’s Day at the VFW Nov. 11th

We will be having our Veteran’s Day Ceremony Thursday Nov. 11th at the Brattleboro VFW located at 40 Black Mountain Road. Doors open at 10 am and the ceremony starts at 11 am. The public is welcome to attend. There will be no Legion Band this year, but we are having a free meal for those who attend the ceremony.

“Conversation Station” Video from October Artful Streets

Here’s a Video highlight of October’s Gallery Walk: “CONVERSATION STATION” where local youth talk with adults from the community about all kinds of things – Many insights, much laughing and some surprises……..Featuring Samirah Evans, Johnny Swing, Curtiss Reed, Jr., Steffen Gillom, “Woody” Woodworth and more.

Brattleboro Firefighter’s Benefit Bingo at the Brattleboro VFW Nov. 6th

The Brattleboro VFW located at 40 Black Mountain Road will be hosting a bingo for the Brattleboro Firefighter’s Benefit Association Saturday Nov. 6th. Doors open at 11 am and the first game starts at 1 pm.

No outside food or drinks allowed, but they will be available for purchase inside, along with homemade goodies.

Pre buy packets are $35 at the door if you pre-register, or $40 for not registering. Register by simply calling the VFW at 802-257-0438 and giving the names of all players in your party now.

Town of Brattleboro Halloween Event

The Town of Brattleboro Recreation and Parks Department in collaboration with the Brooks Memorial Library is excited to announce we will be hosting a drive-thru and walk-thru Trick-or-Treating at the Municipal Center Parking Lot. This event will be held on Sunday October 31ST between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. We ask all ghouls and goblins to enter the Municipal Center Parking Lot from the Grove Street entrance. We will have designated walking lanes and driving lanes for participants to follow. Vehicle trunks will be decorated, and volunteers and staff will be handing out goodies while supplies last.

The Selectboard Show

2021, for me, marks 20 years of watching the Brattleboro Selectboard. 

I first turned the show on when we moved to Brattleboro in 2001. At first, it was to learn about Brattleboro and what was going on here, but soon the experience evolved more into watching something akin to a soap opera.

The show has the regular cast of characters: Town Manager, department heads, and support staff. They stay on the show season after season with few changes, though major roles get recast from time to time. New roles have been introduced, too: the Assistant Town Manager, the Human Services Director, and the Sustainability Coordinator are examples.