Full Moon Friday Night Should Bring Surprises Into Your Life!

It’s been a rough week with horrific events in the news.

The full moon Friday night May 25, 2013  through  Saturday will be in Sagittarius, the Gambler, in opposition to Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all in Gemini – the planet of wind and change.

Be prepared for the Gambler to risk everything when it comes to home security (Sun), love (Venus),  political and religious views (Mercury) and the larger picture of life in the long run (Jupiter).

You might like what the Gambler does, you might not; so be prepared by trying  to figure out who the Gambler is  in your life.

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  • Could Be Fun

    All the Saggitariuses I know are party people in one way or another so I’m optimistic that despite the horrible weather forecast, we might have a fun weekend. I tend to associate Sag with idealism and knights in shining armor which could be appropriate for Memorial Day weekend. But returning to the weather, we’ll be lucky if we can even see the full moon on Friday, although we should be able to still feel it from behind the clouds, 😉

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