Weekend Concert Series- Cyndi Lauper- Jazzaldia, San Sebastien, Spain, 2011

A few months back I posted the “Cyndi Lauper in Paris” concert from 1987. That concert was Cyndi at her height of popularity from her first album “She’s So Unusual”, when she was young and full of frenetic energy. This concert is from the tour for her 11th album, “Memphis Blues”, and shows her as an older, accomplished musician. Lauper’s voice has lost none of its range and if possible is even more remarkable at nearly 60. 

The album and tour celebrated her lifelong love of the blues. Lauper sings many of her hits along with these, most rearranged to showcase her unique talents. I’ll leave the surprises for you to find. 

From Wiki:”The tour was designed to be an intimate tour. mimicking the jazz culture of the 1920s. Lauper wanted the show to emulate hearing good music in a “smoky cafe”. While on tour, concertgoers were able to donate to charities supported by the singer including the Give a Damn Foundation. Lauper was joined on tour by Charlie Musselwhite and Allen Toussaint, who helped contribute to the making of her recent album. While on tour in Japan, Lauper concerts occurred during the 2011 Tohuko earthquake. Although the singer was urged to leave the island, Lauper stayed and continued to perform her shows are scheduled. She donated the funds from her shows to help relief efforts.”

Lauper has won many recording industry awards along the way and she is the first solo woman to win a Tony award for Best Original Score- for “Kinky Boots”, a musical play adapted from the film of the same name, in collaboration with Harvey Fierstein. “Kinky Boots” won 6 Tonys out of its 13 nominations in 2013. 

30 years on, Cyndi Lauper is still so unusual.



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  • revisit

    I like this. Checking back in with someone from an earlier Concert Series pick to see how they held up. She seems almost the same, and perhaps even a bit better. She’s good at the blues.

    What a great outdoor performance space.

    Happy to see her get the awards on Broadway, too.

  • Spunk and Soul

    She’s so loveable…and Sen Sebastian is one of the world’s great cities. I was lucky enough catch the Festival there last year. It plays out in about ten venues throughout the city. With much of the music for free. And with delicious tapas, gorgeous beaches, friendly people, and beautiful views..it’s hard to shake the buzz from being there.



  • Elder Lauper

    There’s something about her that’s always youthful and timeless. She can call up the 80s Cyndi in a minute, but these last 3 decades have made her a seamless performer to the 4th power.

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