Steve Barrett on “Here We Are”

This show originally aired on BCTV November 2020.

We say Farewell and Happy Trails to one terrific man who managed and supervised Brattleboro’s infrastructure for 47 years – trouble-shooting from the hip and getting the jobs done. Steve retired at the end of 2021, leaving us in good hands with Dan Tyler who worked with Steve for many years.

In this show, Steve gives us an inside look at our Public Works that keep our town up and running – and the daily adventures and challenges that come with the job.


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  • A great guy who will be remembered well

    Steve has been heading up Public Works for all the years we’ve been in Vermont, and in that time, he was always one of the most helpful, amiable people in town government. His good-natured patience at town meetings (explaining hot mix during various winter pothole crises, for instance, or spring water main disruptions) was a bright spot in good years and bad, and his department continued to do excellent work keeping our infrastructure going. I’m sure Dan Tyler will be great in the job, but he has big shoes to fill.

  • Barrett leaves us in good hands.

    You could not find a person of higher caliber, integrity, and competence than Dan Tyler.

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