The Brattleboro Historical Society Presents: This Week in Brattleboro History Podcast – The Trophies

This Week in Brattleboro History by Joe Rivers and BAMS, et. al., Friday, April 1, 2016, “The Trophies”

It was 52 years ago this week that the Brattleboro-based rock n roll group, “The Trophies” recorded their first record, “Walkin’ the Dog.” It became the #1 record in New England and resulted in their signing with a major record label. The Trophies had five members: Paul Oblum, Tom Howes, Richard Erikson, Wayne Harvey and Jack Dunham. In the summer of ’64 they performed here in Brattleboro at the Gibson Aiken Center on Monday nights.

This podcast of Brattleboro history is sponsored by Brattleboro Savings & Loan, the bank of Brattleboro.

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