War Lies

Lies have always been used to sell war to a public that would otherwise be leery about sending their sons off to fight and die.

That is why every major conflict is now accompanied by its own particular bodyguard of lies. From false flag attacks to dehumanization of the “enemy,” here are some facts to help debunk a century of war lies.

In 1915, the RMS Lusitania, a British ocean liner en route from New York to Liverpool, was sunk by a German U-boat which resulted in the death of 128 of the 139 Americans aboard, every facet of the story of the Lusitania as it has been presented to the public was a deliberate lie. The boat was…

• not a purely civilian vessel carrying cheese and “butter as the official manifest held, but guncotton,
• not sunk by the German torpedo boat but by secondary explosions from the munitions the ship was (illegally) carrying.
• not the victim of a cowardly German surprise attack (the German Embassy placed a warning notice about the Lusitania in 50 American newspapers right next to Cunard’s own listings).

Pearl Harbor is best understood as a conspiracy to motivate the American public for war by first provoking and then allowing a Japanese strike on American targets.

In late 1940, Roosevelt ordered the United States Fleet to be relocated from San Pedro to Pearl Harbor. This left the fleet open to attack from every direction, it created a 2,000-mile-long supply chain that was vulnerable to disruption, and it packed the ships in together at Pearl Harbor, where they would be sitting ducks in the event of a bombing or torpedo raid.

Roosevelt followed through with an order seizing Japanese assets in America and effectively preventing Japan from purchasing much-needed American oil, which at that time accounted for four-fifths of Japanese oil imports.
The Japanese successfully attacked. 2,400 Americans died, and the nation, outraged, responded by rallying around the flag and jumping enthusiastically into war.

The Korean War, waged under the UN flag and sold to the public as a virtuous mission to save the South from the North’s communist aggression, was on its face a war that should never have happened.

In 1945, The newly-founded UN arbitrarily divided Korea along the 38th parallel, with the US administering the South and the Soviet Union administering the North. Taking this as a green light, the North Koreans, heavily fortified and equipped with Soviet military aid, invaded the South. The war began on June 27, 1950, when the UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for members to provide military assistance “to restore international peace and security in the area.”

In August of 1964, the USS Maddox, a destroyer supposedly on a peaceful mission in international waters, reported a surprise attack from North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. Just two days later it reported another attack. Johnson responded by launching retaliatory strikes and signing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, thus formally launching the Vietnam War.

Years later, it was revealed that the Maddox, was part of a covert electronic warfare campaign assisting the South Vietnamese in launching attacks on the North. It had not been attacked out of the blue on August 2nd, but in fact had fired first. And, the second attack on August 4th had never taken place at all.

The Six-Day War in 1967 between Israel and Egypt, Syria and Jordan is yet another example of a war which was justified for reasons that were later exposed as lies.

When Israel launched an attack on Egypt’s airfields on the morning of June 5th, they initially claimed that it was a defensive strike and that Egypt had struck first. But this was an easily proven lie, and the claim was quickly dropped.
Next they claimed that the attack was “preemptive self defense” and that Egypt and its Arab allies had been preparing to strike Israel. But multiple Israeli officials later admitted that Egypt had not been preparing a war, or even interested in one.

Nayirah was a “young Kuwaiti girl” who sparked international headlines when, in a tear-stained speech she told a harrowing story of Iraqi soldiers coming into the hospital with guns. taking babies out of incubators, taking the incubators and leaving the children to die on the cold floor! The only problem? “Nayirah” was not some anonymous Kuwaiti girl. She was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States. Her testimony had been written for her by Hill & Knowlton, a PR agency hired by the Kuwaiti government- to help sell the Gulf War.

The second Gulf War, was built on lies about Saddam’s WMDs, a story that was sold to the public by Colin Powell at the UN.

And whether Hussein was “making a good-faith effort to disarm Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.”

We now know that in fact the stockpiles did not exist and the administration premeditatedly lied the country into yet another war.

When it came time to sell the war on Libya to the public, the UN-backed, NATO-led aggressors donned the cloak of “human rights”

The UN Security Council passed resolutions authorizing the establishment of a “no-fly zone on Libyan military aviation” for the “protection of civilians” and the “delivery of humanitarian assistance.” Three days later, using the resolution as its justification, the US, UK and France began bombing the population of Libya.

False flags. Provocateured conflicts. Fake news and fake human rights crusades. Throughout the last century, a host of methods have been employed to keep the public playing the military-industrial complex’s game. And over that century, the blood of untold millions has flowed as a direct result of these war lies.

Truth is always the first casualty of war. But if we desire peace, then we must confront the liars with our knowledge of these war lies. And armed with this truth, the public finally stands a chance of stopping the next war before the warmongers can conjure it into existence.

Distilled from “Debunking a Century of War Lies” (A documentary Narrated by James Corbett)

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  • False Flags

    Interesting that you’d bring this up now,with the US vs Russia chemical attack accusations and warnings. The US has been accusing Russia and/or Syria of planning a chemical weapons attack in Syria and Russia has been accusing the US of using the White Helmets to stage one themselves which they say will be blamed on Russia and Syria. It’s very hard to see how Russia and/or Syria would do a chemical attack since the US have always maintained that a chemical attack in Syria is the one thing that would cause the US to mount a military response. So far there has been no chemical attack (thankfully). All very strange.

    Meanwhile, Turkey is trying to broker a deal over Idlib, which is apparently where a lot of the anti-Syrian government fighters (and other people) have gone. Syria wants to do in the enemy fighters there, and I think the US might be ok with it, but Turkey doesn’t want fighting in Idlib because it’s afraid of the refugees. I suspect some deal will be made.

    One thing that might be good — by playing out this diplomatic battle in the public sphere, the world has a chance of avoiding some of the worst things like chemical attacks. Not sure how the Idlib faction will make out though. It’s a complex situation — if there was a whole US state of militant guys who wanted to overthrow the gov’t, it’s hard to see the feds putting up with that too long.

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