Northern Borders : A Vermont Made Film

The film Northern Borders which was produced and directed by Jay Craven will be screened at several venues next week. Jay Craven a Vermont filmmaker and professor at Marlboro has been traveling with the film as well.

The film will screened July 21st at 7:30pm at Next Stage in Putney, July 22nd in Townsend, (I forgot where), in Marlboro on the 23rd, and in Guilford on the 24th at the Broad Brook Grange. All shows are at 7:30, addresses of each venue can be found by googling Northen Borders film tour.

The film which premeired in Brattleboro last April used some actors from Brattleboro and was filmed on a farm there as well. I hope lots of people will show up to support Jay Craven and the others who made this film possible.

See ya at the movies!!!

Brenda Carr

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  • Farm Fact

    The film was shot on location in a number of towns, including Marlboro & Guilford. The Guilford locations included the one-room brick schoolhouse & Broad Brook Grange, both in Guilford Center. The farm, which was used extensively, was not in Brattleboro, as the post seems to suggest. It was, in fact, the Franklin Farm in Guilford, which is at the opposite (southern) end of Guilford from Brattleboro (which borders Guilford on the north.)

    • Farm fact

      Thanks for mentioning Guilford, that is what I meant to post.Also the screening in Putney is at 7:00 not 7:30.

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