Brattleboro Winter Safety Video

Moving around town is more challenging during the winter months whether you are traveling by foot, on a bicycle, or in a car. Brattleboro’s Traffic Safety Committee worked with BCTV and local residents to create this short video that is packed with helpful advice for how to stay mobile and safe by being aware of and prepared for winter’s special hazards.

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  • Common sense

    I am amazed at how many people cross streets wearing dark clothes at night, often sauntering across the street, jay-walking.

    Even during the day, many people put themselves in danger by walking in front of a stopped car, not making eye-contact (sometimes engrossed in their dumbphone and headphones) and assuming that every driver, every time, will be alert and not make a mistake.

    I like the idea in the video of using an iridescent vest. Does anyone know where to get one?

    • fluorescent vest - where to get

      You can get a fluorescent vest at Brattleboro Bike Shop and Sam’s – probably also at Burrows.
      I think that people don’t purposely wear dark clothes at night, they just happened to put whatever on that day – or that’s the color of their winter coat already. Very hard to find bright winter coats for adults, I have found (speaking as one who loves to wear bright colors!)

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