Drastic Measures – A Cartoon For Musicians

Drastic Measures

It is a new year and a new decade, and it is time to debut a new MuseArts Cartoon.

“Drastic Measures” is an animated cartoon of an elementary school band class in which our first triangle player gets bored with endless measures of rests and dreams of becoming a professional jazz funk musician, despite the continued distractions of triangles everywhere.

Big thanks to Denis Malloy for the music coordination. He was able to track down an authentic elementary school band and composed the dream sequence music.

The animation was done using Moho 12.5, which is a nice package for 2-D work. We use it with clients, and this project gave us a chance to try a few new things for ourselves.

You can watch “Drastic Measures” from a variety of sources:

You Tube –  https://youtu.be/-mn8N9pirjA

Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/382292978

Archive.org – https://archive.org/details/drasticmeasures

Share widely with anyone you think might enjoy it, especially music students and music teachers everywhere!


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