Bubblewrap Live on WVEW 107.7fm Tonight

This Wednesday evening, (tonight) Lise and I will be hosting our radio show, Bubblewrap, live on WVEW-LP 107.7 FM. You can listen in over the air, or stream the signal from www.wvew.org.

We won’t be violating any stay at home orders, either! We will be attempting to host our show from our home, send a stream of that signal to the station, and then have the station pick it up and broadcast it to you.

We did some test on Saturday and everything seems to work, so be sure to tune in for some live radio. We’ll be talking and playing a variety of music.

Got requests? We may or may not have them at our disposal, but feel free to suggest things in the comments below.

I have to admit that during the test on Saturday, I was quite thrilled. I’ve only been thrilled by technology a few times. Seeing my first quicktime movie on the internet – a tiny 1 second loop of a dolphin jumping – was one of those moments. I could feel the shift, and could sense that it was a huge step.

The other time I got that feeling was when I first tried wifi, and could stream audio and video through the air without wires. I walked around our apartment with the laptop watching and listening. Again, it was easy to tell that this meant things would change forever.

With a broadcast from home set-up, the feeling was similar. Could it be possible to keep refining this so anyone could do a show from home? Would aging DJ’s need to climb all those stairs to get to the station again?  We’ll have to see.

Tune in from 7 to 9 pm!

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  • Wow!

    That’s some pretty fancy hi-tech stuff you’re gonna do! I’ll be listening!

  • Cool!

    If I’m not writing minutes for the school board meeting (remotely, of course!), I’ll tune in. That’s awesome that you figured out how to do your show live. (I don’t have the bandwidth to learn a new computer thingy right now, so I’m relying on many years of archives to keep my show going.)

    See you on the radio!

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