Crowdsourced Cinema VT’s Production of Jurassic Park

musearts team scene 6

I thought I’d share the scene we did for Crowdsourced Cinema VT’s production of Jurassic Park, now viewable on BCTV and other streaming places.

35 teams of Vermonters participated, and were each assigned scenes from the film randomly. Ours was the scene where they first arrive on the island and see their first dinosaurs. As you might expect, I chose to do animation. (Others used live action, puppets, animals…)

It sounded easy – just do one scene! But the scene had over 30 shots, multiple characters, and many dinos. We had about a month and a half to race through and get it done.  Thanks to Frederic, Kathy, Connor, and Kali for voice work.

See how many Vermont jokes you can find in there…..

Here’s the full, completed film project:

BCTV is also in there with a scene (the dinosaurs singing).

Fun project.

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