You Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Chinese Communists Fail to Ban Boogie-Woogie Musician From Public Piano in London

Piers Morgan interview with Dr. K. (At the time of this interview, the public piano had been put off limits by the London police, who caved in to Chinese Communist demands to silence Dr. K.)

Two days ago, after the London authorities were embarrassed to learn that Elton John (who had contributed the public piano) was being contacted, access to the piano was restored. This video is a joyous celebration with Dr. K and his friend Terry Miles hitting the 88, accompanying an incredibly brilliant saxophone player.

They are rockin’

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  • Comments on China's We-Chat admonish the group which attacked Dr. K as an embarrassment.

    Perhaps unexpectedly, people in China are admonishing the group which tried to shut down Dr. K.

    The first half of this video explains the importance of We-Chat in China, so the actual comments from Chinese people begin about halfway in.

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