Nuclear Waste

The storage of high-level nuclear waste is a controversial environmental justice issue. The nuclear industry would like to create centralized interim (?????) storage for it in Texas and New Mexico. Nice! (at least it’s out of here).

There’s a better solution: we can take a page from the Fluoride book and eat it !

Currently, in the U.S., two-thirds of Americans’ tap water contains fluoride, which is added under the guise of preventing cavities.
The fluoride they put in the drinking water is not a pharmaceutical grade additive, it is a toxic industrial waste byproduct. It comes from the production of aluminum and other metals. Also from the processing of phosphate fertilizers. Oh, and also from building nuclear bombs.
50 years ago, they figured out how to get rid of this waste: let’s drink it ! Water fluoridation continues to occur even as research stacks up that fluoride is a neurotoxin that can harm brain function. This was first known in 1850!

In 1939, an Alcoa-funded scientist working with lab rats found that fluoride reduced cavities. He suggested that the “apparently worthless by-product” might also reduce cavities in children. If fluoride could be introduced as a health enhancing substance that should be added to the environment for the children’s sake, those opposing it would look like quacks and lunatics. A master public relations stroke. The rest is history.

So, our job is to grind up all this “nukular” waste and incorporate it into scrumptious snacks for all to eat and enjoy.

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