Foreseen! A Celebrities Led Movement To Halt USA Nuclear War Preparations

USA Congress plans to spend a $1.5 trillion on improved nuclear weapons! [1]

“If We Don’t End War, War Will End US,” [2]

Twenty years after the end of the Cold War there are at least 23,000 nuclear warheads still in existence, with a combined blast capacity equivalent to 150,000 Hiroshima bombs. The U.S. and Russia together have over 22,000, and France, the UK, China, India, Pakistan and Israel around 1,000 between them.

Ten Years Since Fukushima

March 11 2021 marks ten years since Japan was hit by an earthquake and tsunami, destroying 85,000 homes and businesses. By 2021 the country could have rebuilt but for a disaster that continues today: the meltdown of three nuclear reactors in Fukushima, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The reactors were Mark 1 boiling water reactors, the same type and age as Vermont Yankee. Vermonters witnessed horrific stories coming from refugees in the Fukushima evacuation zone and beyond, reactors exploding and radioactivity filling the air, land, water and groundwater. All these tragedies continue in Japan today. In 2014, Vermont Yankee shut down; today, its 900 tons of nuclear waste remains on site, beside the Connecticut River.

Environmental Justice & Nuclear Waste Speakers Tour

What will be the final fate of the 900 tons of Vermont Yankee’s high level nuclear waste currently stored on the banks of the Connecticut River in Vernon? It may be transported across the country on roads or railways to Texas. The Citizens Awareness Network (CAN) has organized a High-level Nuclear Waste (HLNW) Tour of speakers to discuss the issues of nuclear waste, federal policy, environmental justice and direct action, with a ‘mock’ high-level nuclear waste cask. The tour and cask will be in Brattleboro on Wednesday, September 19th at the Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main Street, at 6:00pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Nuclear Waste

The storage of high-level nuclear waste is a controversial environmental justice issue. The nuclear industry would like to create centralized interim (?????) storage for it in Texas and New Mexico. Nice! (at least it’s out of here).

There’s a better solution: we can take a page from the Fluoride book and eat it !

World Cup Soccer Fun in a Moscow Targeted by Nuclear Missiles in US Silos, Submarines & Bombers

Imagine before each match of the World Cup the FIFA World Soccer Federation making an appeal over the loud speaker asking all the fans in the name of the future of soccer to tell officials of their government to demand Americans stop threatening the future of the World Cup with nuclear war. Soccer stars President of Liberia & UN Good Will Ambassador George Weah and world #1 Diego Maradona to lead FIFA’s appeal.