Another World Is Possible

April 18, 2024 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Another World Is Possible

Are you ready to participate in this possibility?

                   Zoom Intro session: Thurs 18th April at 4.00 pm,  OR  Sat 20th April at 10.00 am

 followed by a seven week group starting in May

Another world is possible.  It will not come about by default, but by intention and by design.  Just as the acorn holds the design or blueprint for the oak tree, so we have transcribed from source intelligence into our very DNA (as yet mostly untapped) our own path of unfolding into the new human.  Does this speak to you?

For aeons we have been caught in the looping cycles of a programmed reality,  a matrix, that sees us as separate, looking outside ourselves for the answers – a dualistic world of good versus bad,  right versus wrong,  winners and losers, those with power and those without power. This is no longer sustainable and is not the truth of who we are.

We stand at a threshold where the new (quantum) sciences and ancient spiritual/mystical understanding of our true nature, come together to point the way forward,  or rather inward,  where the blueprint,  the template for ‘the more beautiful  world our hearts know is possible’  can begin to emerge on earth,  through each of us.  A world where everyone thrives,  where we live from a place of inner peace and empowerment,  a world where we all contribute in meaningful ways to life on earth.

If this speaks to you, if you feel stuck or uncertain how to release yourself from the pull of old habits and patterns, and despairing of where the world seems headed,  yet have a deep desire to up your game,  to shift your frequency and be instrumental in a quantum shift of consciousness,  then please consider joining me in a group setting where we will co-create the environment for these shifts to occur, individually and collectively,  and for our world to change,  one awareness,  one insight,  one choice, one practice, one relationship at a time.

We are like grains of sand in the hourglass.  Are you ready to step through?  In the safe container of a consciously held group space we can gain insights, momentum and support in ways that are hard to do alone.

I have studied and applied many pathways, disciplines and practices at the spiritual/mystical, psychological, embodied and relational levels, for decades.  Holding space for our personal and collective transformation and evolution is a deep urging in me at this time.  Together we can make it happen.

Free Introductory session:  two opportunities to attend on zoom:

Thursday 18th April at 4.00 pm,   or Saturday 20th April at 10.00 am

If you feel curious or called,  please consider joining me for one (or both) of these introductory group sessions where you can determine whether to continue in a more committed way.

I am planning to then offer a closed group for seven weekly sessions with a pause,  and then the possibility of continuing if there is momentum.

Dates (in May) to be determined once enough people have registered their interest to participate.

I request a financial contribution for the seven week course,  and I ask that people contribute within their means within a sliding scale of $77 to $240.    No one who is meant to participate will be turned away for lack of funds.

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