Cabin Music

June 22, 2024 7:00 pm

Next Stage Arts

15 Kimball Hill Road, Putney, VT, 05346


In this unique event, Next Stage Arts present James Carson’s self-directed documentary Cabin Music, followed by a brief Q&A and live piano recital by James Carson.

“A supremely immersive experience.” — American Society of Cinematographers

“A beautiful film… a stunning musician.” POV Magazine

“A quest to create sounds that reflect the magnificence of nature.” — Times of India

Cabin Music is New York pianist and filmmaker James Carson’s two-decade effort to transform the ways in which music is created and experienced by audiences. Hailed as a childhood prodigy, Carson’s first orchestral works were performed by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at age sixteen. His subsequent studies at the New England Conservatory, with giants including Cecil Taylor, Joe Maneri, and the poet Robert Creeley, led him to a dramatic life change: he walked away from music to backpack overland from Spain to Japan, then built a remote strawbale cabin in the pursuit of creating a new form of music. Carson’s performances remove his own intentions by receiving and channeling all forces and energies within and beyond the performance space. He, and his award-winning, self-directed feature documentary film debut, Cabin Music, now tour internationally, initiating audiences into the project’s global origins.

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