‘Making an Oracle Deck’ in-person Workshop

May 27, 2023 12:00 am - 4:00 pm

Winston Prouty Center

209 Austine Drive, Brattleboro, VT

Pre-Registration Required – Register Early!

In This Workshop we will explore:
•Setting Vision and Intentions
•Designing your oracle cards
•Oracle card ideas
•Naming your deck
Scroll Down to see list of materials to choose from that you will need to bring to Class to create your personal Oracle Deck!
I will provide:
•A Class binder with printed course materials
•20 – 25 Blank White Oracle cards per student
•A Large Organza Pouch to store your cards in
•Examples of Oracle Decks for inspiration

What is an Oracle Deck?
An Oracle deck is a series of cards with images or words on them that can be used for divination, goal-setting, to lift your mood, or to connect with your intuition or a higher power. Each deck has a theme.
Oracle decks differ from tarot cards in three ways.
•A tarot deck contains 78 cards, and an oracle deck could be any number of cards.
•Tarot decks have major arcana cards and minor arcana cards divided into four suits. An oracle deck can be structured similarly, but there are no set rules around it. Usually, the theme dictates the structure of the cards.
•Tarot cards are usually read in spreads of multiple cards. Oracle cards tend to be read one card at a time, though spreads are also used occasionally.

Why Create Your Own Oracle Deck?
•Maybe you’ve experimented with other oracle decks and felt your intuition nudging you to make your own.
•Maybe you’re working towards a goal and want a personalized deck that speaks directly to your hopes and dreams.
Most oracle decks fall into one of two categories: topical or character-based. For example, a topical deck might have a different affirmation on each card. A character-based oracle deck could have a different animal on each card.

Making an oracle deck:
You will need to bring to Class:
All materials you would like to use to create your oracle cards with:
•Water based craft glue or glue sticks
•Paint brushes
•Paint – Acrylic and watercolors (water based not oil paint)
•Markers, colored pencils, or calligraphy pens
•Postcards or greeting cards
•Colored Tissue paper
•Gift Wrap Paper – This is great for the back of the cards
•Stamps and Ink Pads
•Found images to use in collages
•Scrapbooking paper
•Inspirational quotes sayings or inspiration messages
•Key words
Class will be held in the beautiful Holton Hall 4th Floor Conference Center at the Winston Prouty Center, Brattleboro, Vermont
I have designed and published two Oracle decks – ‘The Time Temple Oracle’ Cards and ‘The Sanctuary Garden Flower Oracle’
4 hour workshop – $90
Contact me with any questions:
Patti Newton (802) 254-9600 silvermoona@ymail.com
or visit my website for more information https://silvermoonvt.com/classes-

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