Mantras, Mudras, and Meditation Class Series

September 12, 2019 6:30 pm

Putney Moves

133 Main Street, 2nd floor, Putney VT, 05346

Mantras, Mudras, and Meditation
With Tracy Donahue
6 Week Series
Thursdays 6:30 – 8:00p
Beginning September 12

Since birth our minds have been conditioned to constantly create thoughts, replaying them in repetitive patterns as stories from the past or fears and fantasies of the future. Our limiting patterns of thinking become so ingrained in us that they carry on like a self-operating system that doesn’t need much energy or engagement to continue running our lives.

Occasionally our awareness increases and we catch glimpses of this reality and in-turn make efforts for change. Though we may work hard and try to live our lives in new and different ways, we often find ourselves returning to the same old patterns disguised in slightly different expressions.

In this 6 week series we will explore using mantras (repetitive sanskrit phrases), mudras (hand gestures), and meditation (quiet contemplation) to address major obstacles on the spiritual path and to inspire lasting change.

This ancient technology will help cultivate deep relaxation by calming the mind and with regular sincere effort, these inner practices can help us transform and replace our former limitations. By using the voice and bringing hand gestures into a contemplative practice we can more easily integrate traditional teachings and increase our understanding and embodiment of the non-physical practices of Yoga.

All are welcome to participate in this series. Gentle movement included before discussion and practice.

Cost: Early Bird Special Through Sep. 11 – $90 for the series
After Sep. 11 – $100 for the series
Members Save 10%!

Can’t attend the whole series? Drop in for $20 per session!
No discounts on drop ins.

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