iBrattleboro Polling Improvements

Poll lovers will enjoy some new options with iBrattleboro polls.

First, we will be getting rid of the beloved “Other” option in most cases. It has served us well for allowing flexibility but its time has come.

It is replaced by the ability to add your own responses. You will now see (write-in) as an option. If you select it, you can add another choice for people to consider.

The other poll improvement is the ability to have ranked voting polls. Ranked voting allows for us to choose among many options and find one that more than 50% of the people voting agree with. You’ll be able to make multiple choices and set their rank, for how strongly you feel about each answer.

Ranked polls may be a bit tricky to figure out, especially in phrasing the questions. We can all learn how to make it work by trying it out.

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