New iBrattleboro Sections and Headers

The new version of iBrattleboro replaces icons for sections with new section page headers. Taking away the icons, we hope, will inspire you to illustrate your stories with images.

There are a few changes to the Sections, too. We’ve changed Kids to Family, to include all ages of family members. Recreation has now become Sports and Recreation. Police has now become Police and Fire.

New sections have been added: Culture, Economics, Living, Philosophy, State News, Travel, and The Region, including space for news from Vernon, Guilford, Dummerston, Marlboro, Putney, the West River Valley, and Deerfield Valley in Vermont and Chesterfield and Hinsdale in New Hampshire.

For those curious about the images used in the headers, here is a guide to what all the pictures are. Lise and I took most of them, but a few come from the Brain Trust.

  • Activism – Safe and Green march + peace march
  • Arts – leaves + exhibit at BMAC
  • Books – shelf at Everyone’s Books
  • Business – parking garage + Dragonfly Dry Goods
  • Creative – BMAC exhibit + All Night Comic Book event
  • Culture – Brattleboro dawn dances + 1929 garden party
  • Economics – downtown Main Street and a chart from town documents
  • Education – Canal Street school and St Micheals school classrooms
  • Entertainment – Latchis 4 lighting + Latchis main seating
  • Family – kids being monsters at Hannaford in aisle + circus school class
  • Food – greens and tomatoes at Farmers Market
  • Groups – the “25 year class” at Brattleboro High School group photo at reunion
  • Health – echinacea at solar hill + BMH nurses
  • History – map of Brattleboro from 1800’s + engraving of Estey Organ factory
  • Home and Garden – Habitat for Humanity frame house being built + picket fence
  • iBrattleboro – iBrat 2 building starts in drupal + logo
  • Living – basket from Save the Corps
  • Mazes and Puzzles – 2 of Emma’s mazes
  • Media – Lise starting iBrat 2 + WKVT radio board
  • Music – Estey organ keyboard + high school band in 20’s
  • Nature – flowers
  • News and Info – laptop + downtown on Main Street
  • Obituaries – flowers at Solar Hill
  • Op-Ed – The Dial and the Whetstone
  • Opinion – old Brattleboro postcard + Dial text
  • Pets – a pug from the Farmer’s Market and Snootch
  • Philosophy – West River stones, sunset over near mountains
  • Police and Fire – Rescue Inc raft + Brattleboro fire trucks
  • Politics – voting at BUHS + town meeting in the 30’s
  • Questions and Answers – old Brooks library statcks
  • Rumors – inside McNeils and the Estey brothers dressed as girls driving a car
  • Sci-tech – cables left by FCC after raiding rfb + Latchis lighting controls
  • Spiritual – a solstice yule log
  • Sports and Recreation – Harris Hill ski jump and CRVBL game
  • State News – old map of Vermont and woods near Newfane
  • The Numbers – Merrill Lynch christmas window + old Brattleboro $10 bill
  • The Region – map of area aound Brattleboro + picture of downtown Keene
  • Town News – municipal center
  • Town Plan – old map of Brattleboro + modern plan for Putney Rd.
  • Travel – the old Retreat touring car + train tracks by the Brattleboro station
  • Weather – sky over Wantastiquet
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