The New iBrattleboro Weather Page Details

Icicle MoonWhen you first arrive on the new iBrattleboro Weather page you’ll get a quick forecast for Brattleboro and surrounding areas. Click around and you’ll find an enormous quantity of weather information to explore.

At the very top of the page are 8 tabs that help you jump to various weather information – Current Conditions, Advisories, Forecast, Forcast Discussion, Local Radar, National Radar, Links, and Space Weather.

Within those tabs are charts, maps, descriptions, and other useful information for tracking local weather.

You can get to the weather section by clicking on the current weather icon at the top of the home page, or by clicking on the weather link in the upper navigation bar.

1. Current Conditions include temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, dewpoint, heat index, moon phase and wind chill. Weather advisories for Windham County also show up here.

2. Warnings/Advisories will give you warnings, watches, and advisories from the National Weather Service for Brattleboro and the surrounding area.

3. Forecast is the homepage to the weather section. Here you’ll find a snapshot of current and upcoming conditions, and daily Brattleboro weather forecasts for the next five days.

4. Forecast Discussion is the unfiltered discussion of meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Albany, NY.

5. Local Radar shows the most recent National Weather Service radar map

6. National Radar shows the most recent satellite image of the United States.

7. Links is the complete collection of other weather and forecast links, including sites for the official Forecast Discussion, Eye on the Sky, NOAA Forecasts, Wunderground’s Brattleboro forecast, the AccuWeather forecast, WTEN’s Albany forecast, the Weather Channel’s interactive weather map, a weather timeline, and the Old Farmer’s Almanac site.

Eye on the Night Sky, Space Weather, and NASA’s 3-D satellite tracking map have outlooks for beyond earth.

There are links to Ocean Weather and marine information, recent Earthquake, Volcano, NOAA ocean emergencies, and Drought maps. 

8. Space Weather is for Brattleboro astronomers and UFO-ologists and shows the most recent photo of the sun.

As always, look outside, then look here for weather forecasts for Brattleboro and southern Vermont.


Note: The forecast combines data from Springfield, VT (reporting from Hartness State Springfield Airport,) and Albany, NY. 

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  • Way Cool

    I’m just commenting for the sake of commenting, but I do love the new weather section I built….

    • Astoundment

      Lise, I am utterly astounded at the amount of effort you & Chris have put into upgrading iBratt. It’ll take me weeks to get even a glimmer of a sense of it all. One thought here re the weather — love the solar picture idea, I’m wondering if we might get something similar for the current night sky, a sky chart perhaps?

  • Great New Weather Gizmo

    I just found a new weather toy I’m very fond of. It’s on the site and it may have been there all along with all the other stuff but I just never tried it before.
    Here’s the link:
    This toy allows you to drag the map whichever way you wish and zoom in or out. As you center the map (there’s a little star on the screen that stays constant and you move the map to make the town you want to see line up with star) a box in the upper right of the screen tells you the current temp and weather at the location with the time there and a capsule weather there. You want to know what is going on weatherwise in Beaver Dams, NY – just drag the map to center up that town and there it is: Beaver Dams, NY – 48 degrees and overcast.
    And it seems to do Mexico and Canada too. Here’s San Luis Potosi, Mexico: 81 with scattered clouds at 6:47 pm.
    A very fun and useful toy.

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