A Guide to the New iBrattleboro Navigation

It might be helpful if we showed you around the place, eh? Let’s take a tour of the new iBrattleboro navigation bar at the top of the page.

Note that what you see up there depends on if you are logged in or not.

In this story we’ll discuss the features you’ll see if you are logged in. If a feature is missing for you, you probably need to log in to see it.

iBrattleboro Navigation Guide

Top Row

In the upper left corner is the current Date & Time in Brattleboro.

We’ve moved the Log In/ Log Out link to the upper right corner for easy access. When you log in, you will be welcomed back. You can also click to Edit your profile, or Log Out here.

A link to the iBrattleboro RSS feed is in the upper far right corner if you’d like to subscribe.

Second Row

The second row begins with the iBrattleboro logo. The main thing to know if that you can always click on it to return to the home page at any time from anywhere in the site.

On the right side of the second row is a snapshot of the current weather forecast for the area. Click on the weather icon (the sun, clouds, etc.) to go to the full iBrattleboro weather section.

Third Row

The third row is the purple bar, the new home of quotes. (We’ll see how this goes, and may change things later if long quotes have trouble fitting. For now, though, it should work.)

Fourth Row

Maybe this is the fourth and fifth rows. IT depends how you like to count, I supose.

This is what we call the upper green bar of the site, and contains often-used and important links. 

This area has functions grouped by what you might want to do.

Contribute: is where you click to contribute a story, an event, a link, or a photo.

Browse: contains links to the Calendar, Classifieds, Groups, Links, Phot Galleries, Puzzles, Weather and Polls pages.

Read & Comment: takes you to stories grouped by topic. Note that these are not the only sections (all the sections can be found in the left sidebar under Story Sections. Click to expand and see them.)

My: gives you quick links to your profile, and your stuff (stories, events, images, ads, and links).

The final two links take you to iBrattleboro Help and Policies.

And Beyond

Here are few more things you might find useful.

Just below the navigation bar, on the left, is the search box. Use this to search the (new) site. If you need to search prior to February 2013, use the Archive Search in the lower left of the homepage.

In addition to showing Recent Comments, we’ve added lists for Most Read and Most Discussed stories in the top center of the page.

Photo Fun is now a slideshow of recent photo contributions.

Recent classified ads, groups, and links are now on the homepage.


Hope this helps you find your way around your new iBrattleboro.

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