Bugs, Problems, and Other Issues

Use the comments below to alert us to bugs or problems you come across while exploring the new iBrattleboro.

Please be patient, too. There are a lot of moving parts and we expect to be busy answering questions and helping people for the near future. We will get to everything as best we can.

High priority will be placed on things that are broken. Lower priority will be assigned to suggestions for improvements. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

If you’d like to make a donation to help us out, the Feed The Kitty box is now in the iBrattleboro section of the site. You can also send a check to iBrattleboro, 41 Cedar Street, Brattleboro.

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  • bugs probs & such

    Exciting to see the new version of site.

    Not sure where to ask about this:

    Why is there now a few pages’ worth of white (mostly blank) space atop every page on the site ?
    Have to scroll down a few lengths to find the main content of a feature/comments/reply/etc.
    Stories, Classifieds, Links, Who’s Online-those are in a thin strip from top to bottom on right hand side, but rest of width is empty.
    Feature fills rest of screen by time I get down to Local Ads & Upcoming Events (on right).

    It reminds me of how FB looks.
    Is it a concession to internet access via smartphone ?
    Or is it a temporary state of affairs ?

    Hope I described it well enough to be understood & that someone might explain this to me 🙂

    Wish you both the best with rolling out the new interface.

    • That's not right.

      That sounds like an error. There shouldn’t be big blank areas.

      Email me with you browser version and we’ll debug. And thanks!

      • Mine is doing the same...I

        Mine is doing the same…I have to scroll way down the page to get to the content. I’m using Firefox 18.0.2 on my Mac.

        • Re: white space

          cgrotke: the comment to which I’m replying (by another poster) identifies the same browser as I’m using.
          FF 18.0.2 (for Mac).
          Should I email some screenshots of how it appears ?

          Also, it’s confusing that the “log in” boxes (name & password) remain along right hand column, yet one’s supposed to use “log in” at top right corner instead.
          Upon doing so, one is directed to “my account”, but I prefer how it used to be-which is to be back where I was prior to logging in, so I can comment on the story I was about to comment on…

        • Thanks

          We’re going to check this out… hang on. (My firefox was old, and the site was working fine using it. I’m getting the latest…

        • Hmmm..

          Thanks for the screenshots, Belfast.

          Update: We’re having trouble recreating this error. On multiple Macs and multiple OS’s, and multiple versions of Firefox (from really old version 3 right up to the latest), the page won’t break for us. We’re trying to break it, too… turning off javascript and such. It just won’t break on our machines.

          Not giving up, though. There must be something…

          Being Mac users, does the error also happen in Safari? If not, using Safari might be a short term fix until we figure it out.

          With Firefox…

          Does it happen on all pages or just a few? For example, does this first page look OK?  And is this second one broken? (I have a theory I’m testing)

          Does it always happen every time you load the page, or just sometimes?

          Has it happened to you on other sites, or just this one?

          • To answer your

            To answer your questions…..the problem doesn’t happen for me in Safari. With Firefox it happens on all pages…both the “first” and “second” were broken. It happens every time I load the page.

          • thanks

            Interesting. That probably eliminates one possibility, but doesn’t solve it.

            If I may ask a few more to rule out some other possibilities (feel free to email me if you want to… info@ibrattleboro.com):

            Is this an older Mac (many years old), or a relatively new one?

            Does clearing your Firefox cache (Preferences>Advanced>Network>Cached Content>Clear Now) help?

            Are you accepting cookies (Preferences>Privacy)?

          • Same problem on Kubuntu 12.04

            I’ve got the exact same problem with Firefox 18.02 on Kubuntu 12.04. The screenfuls of whitespace happen with every single page on the site, including the account management page. It doesn’t matter whether I’m logged in or not. I allow cookies and the only extension I’m running is Flashblock.

          • Fixed?

            I think we got it. Let us know if you still have problems.

            Thanks for the debugging help, all.

          • Mine still isn't working.

            Mine still isn’t working.

          • Works for me now

            Now also works in rekonq on the same operating system. Thanks!

  • Thoughts for the 'not-broken' list

    After spending a few more minutes looking around, I really am impressed with all the added functuality & the interface changes. Good for you guys – and good for us!

    A couple of things that came to mind before I forget:

    My eye keeps going to the Contribute / Read & Comment “corner” when I’m seeking “Home”. Maybe make more prominent? Also, I didn’t see it on the Photo Fun page.

    I like the “log off” on the top line but would prefer it further to the left (middle or left end of right-side text?), as I typically keep my browser narrower than full screen.

    • Preview - Save buttons

      More feedback for the ‘not broken’ list:
      After composing my last comment, I noticed that the only option I had was to ‘preview’ it. Once that was done, I had the options to ‘save’ and to ‘preview’. Both times I’ve posted, I wondered if by ‘save’ I was posting/submitting/publishing or saving my comment as a draft. I’m sure it won’t take me long to remember but might be confusing to others who don’t comment as frequently. I’d also prefer the option to submit upon initial composition.

      • Save - preview button placement

        ah – I think I noticed something about the placement of the Save & Preview buttons relative to the composition box that may have contributed to my uncertainty. They seemed to be associated with the previously published comment more than the comment being composed maybe? Maybe if they were above the ‘input format’ and ‘image picker’ lines or there is clearer delineation between the buttons and the published message below?

    • Thanks

      We don’t have a home link (at the moment)… but click on the logo to return home any time. It acts as a home button.

      Thanks for looking around, and for the other suggestions, too. We will be refining as we go forward.

    • Images

      I added an image to my profile but it doesn’t seem to show up in my ‘stuff’. It showed up when I ‘browsed’ in Image picker tho. When I selected ‘page’ to which to link an image, I wasn’t given the option of entering a page address and then I don’t think the image made it. Maybe I was in the wrong mode or something – will try again below & later. Did check out the new classifieds – SWEET!!! iBratt ROCKS!  

      [ ah – switching to Full HTML did the trick ]Image

      • Full HTML

        Full HTML is key. It will assume you are putting the image on the page you are working on.

        To link it, you should be able to choose “no link” (just display), link to image (a full size version), or a link to an external page.

        Nice to see that you found the classifieds (and profile page).

  • Photos...

    The new way of using Flickr images is much easier, but when I tried using the Image Picker system, all I got was a blank screen, not the menu that you show in your instructions. ¿¿¿¿????? BTW, I use Windows XP and the most recent Firefox.

    • Images

      We changed a few things if you’d like to try again… (we plan to do further image-adding refinements as we go on…)

  • Unlimited Poll Voting - Yippee!!!!!

    Yes it is true.
    Ballot box stuffing has come to the beloved iBrattleboro Poll section.

    Now, now. That’s really not helpful.

    And I’m not sure it’s true. But each time I come to this site, before logging in the poll appears ready to take another vote from me – till I log in. Maybe the vote is discarded once I log in?

    Anyway, Chris & Lise – you probably don’t want me trying to stuff the ballot box (for amusement purposes only).

    • Pound on it

      Go ahead and try to do it, and let us know what you find out. Poll debugging was one of the things that was hard to do with just two of us in test mode. We may have to limit poll voting to registered users.

      This first poll is for debugging purposes, and to point out that you can write in votes. Feedback like this is very helpful.

  • sub-sections?

    The new site is great and I like the added functionality. Thanks so much!

    I have tried and tried to figure out how to get to what I gather are now sub-sections of your six story sections. When I click on something like “News & Information” I see the sub-section in a green band at the bottom of the story, and if I click on it I get to that sub-section, but I keep thinking there must be a more efficient way. For example, if I want to go directly to Town News or Pets or Activism, how can I do that? I’m sure it’s something really obvious, but I’m not finding it.


    • We do...

      Left sidebar, Story Sections… click on a “primary” section and it will expand to show links to all sub sections.

      Hope this helps.

  • Image Picker no pick'n

    Hey Chris/Lise,
    I just tried to upload a pic to a calendar listing and couldn’t figure out how. The ‘Image Picker’ opened to a blank box with no way to choose a file. I’m guessing it might be my antiquated OS – Mac 10.4.11, but who knows.

  • Start a new group link broken

    Upon reading your plea for us to start a group, I decided a foodie group might be nice. Alas, the link for ‘start a new group’ isn’t going to the right place.

    • Thanks!


      • Thanks, Chris. I started the

        Thanks, Chris. I started the group but it doesn’t seem to be giving me the option to comment. When I click on the group, the only choices are to View/Edit or share.

        I do get the option to comment on The Groups Group so it must have something to do with the fact that I’m the organizer of the group?

        • On the list...

          We’re looking into things here… you should be getting what the other groups get… but those extra links aren’t showing up for some reason. We’ll get it figured out… thanks for helping us test.

          • Working now...

            Just took the time to get back into ‘groups’ activity and it looks like you figured out whatever wasn’t happening with the Foodies United group options. THANKS!

            I am wondering if there is a way for me to be notified when posts or comments are made to the Groups I’ve joined? Sorry if this is obvious!

            I checked out the subscriptions feature but that doesn’t seem to do the trick for this purpose. I’m also a bit unclear how and when the filter is deployed and how you’re anticipating this feature being used. Looks handy. 😉

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