How To Format Links in Stories and Comments on iBrattleboro

Sooner or later, most people like to add links to their stories or comments. To make things easier for your readers it is helpful to learn to format your links.  This helps you avoid really long, ugly internet addresses in the middle of your great work.

Here’s how to format a link in a story or comment on iBrattleboro:

1. Set the Input format = full HTML

2. Set Rich text on (not disabled)

3. Select the text you want to turn into a link. For this example we’ve selected “test text link”. 


4. Use the chain icon (circled above in red) to create a link. Use the broken chain to unlink something. 

5. After selecting text and clicking on the chain icon, the insert link dialog box appears (below). Paste your link into the upper box (circled belwo in red). Ignore the rest. Click insert when done.


That’s it. The dialog box goes away and you are left with a nicely linked file, with no ugly, long URL’s to clutter up your work.

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