A Challenge Grant

iBrattleboro was just given a generous gift of $300, and the person doing the giving asked us to challenge readers to match the gift. Our guess is that the hope is we can raise another $300 for hosting, upkeep, and so on from some small donations.

If you are so inclined, you can contribute using PayPal (a box here in the iBrattleboro section in the right column should assist) or send a check to iBrattleboro, 41 Cedar Street, Brattleboro, 05301.

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  • Would love to help, but

    I can’t find the ibrattleboro box in the right column. Do I need new glasses or did it go missing?

    Having just dropped my subscription to a local news source, I am prepared to split the money between you and an alternate news source.

    • Some more info

      Here in the iBrattleboro section only, it is on the right side. Feed the Kitty is the title.

      Others have asked who to make checks out to, MuseArts, or iBrattleboro both work.

      Thank you!

  • next month

    I’m strapped after Christmas, but I’ll be chipping in in January.

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