Let’s Look At Today in History

One of the popular features of iBrattleboro is the old stories featured in Today in History. For the most part, these are taken from the Vermont Phoenix, a Brattleboro newspaper that thrived in the late 1800’s.

On the old site, we loaded them all into a sidebar. This time around we’ve kept a sample of them on the homepage, but given them their own section of the site.

You can get to the page by clicking on the Browse menu, then Today in History.

For each day of the year, a new set of headlines and stories will appear, covering roughly 1840-1900. The headlines were written by me; the stories were copied from the newspaper and often didn’t have headlines. (If you catch any typos in the headlines, let me know.)

Giving them their own page will allow us to enhance this section as we go forward. We hope to add the ability to comment on old stories, and we’ll be incorporating old advertisements into this section as well.

I also plan to add in more news from the 1900-1920 period, since available web page space isn’t so much of an issue any more.

Also, if you like Brattleboro history – the Brattleboro Historical Society and History Center are great resources.

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    If you are on the History page and click on one of the stories, you’ll find a way to add comments on historical events now.

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