Can Author Preview Their Story Before Submission?

I wanted to submit a story, but decided to wait until the following two item can be clarified:

1. I only see a “submit” button, but no preview. Before submitting a story, I want to see how my story will display so that I can make any needed corrections in advance. This was a feature of the old site: Does the new site eliminate that feature, or did I miss something?

2. I do not see an option to edit with html. Certain stories are clearer and look better with blockquotes, italics, bold, and indented paragraphs. Has this feature, which the old site offered, now been eliminated?

A simple story, such as this one can work without those options, but frankly if I am going to put in the time and effort to creating a serious, detailed submission, I really need to those features to be available.


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  • An answer and a half...

    Thanks for asking. We’re still getting the kinks worked out.

    All of the bold, italic, bullet lists, links, block quotes, and so on is available. At the top of the story submission box you should see the icons. (The one at the end that looks like an apartment building toggles some additional options, too.)

    For now, the preview is what you see on the page before you submit it. We’ll look into adding a preview button. (I’d like it, too…).

    You should be able to edit your story after, too, if you catch something after it goes up.

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