iBrattleboro Animated Christmas Calendar

Time once again for the animated, interactive, Brattleboro-centric, advent-ish calendar, featuring different scenes and local facts, sponsored by no one. The iBrattleboro Christmas Calendar.

While it is continually popular, we were debating whether to bring this back again this year. The Christmas Calendar is built in Flash, an ancient programming tool that is fading away. iPads and many other devices just don’t allow it anymore.

Still, Flash works for some people, and the calendar will continue to work just fine for those who have it installed. If you still use it, you’ll have a fun month. Check back daily and watch as the scene gets more and more involved.

Also, note this isn’t a true advent calendar – it goes right up until the end of the month.

Enjoy, and help us figure out what we should do to replace this in the future. Any ideas?

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  • Calender

    It took a bit of work. Download the flash player .exe file, save , close mozilla and install. Didn’t work if you start with mozilla open. All on a windows 10 desktop.

    But worth it. Now it feels like Christmas.

    Thanks iBratt

    Gary King

  • Christmas Calendar

    I love the Christmas Calendar…it’s the simple things that makes Christmas fun.

  • Bratt at Xmas

    I’ve loved this calendar since you started it all those years ago. I hope you’ll build a new one to replace the Flash. We could start a GoFundMe to sponsor it!

  • Chrome

    Works in Chrome for me! Thanks, I enjoy the calendar!

  • Ho Ho Ho

    Glad it is still able to be enjoyed! Works for me in Safari on a Mac, too, if I allow Flash to do its thing. It still makes me laugh.

    Re: next version:

    What if we came up with some sort of group project? Would any of you supply art/photos? We can look into programming options and what’s possible these days that would be fun. Maybe HTML 5 is up to the task.

  • It's over here

    … adding a comment to boost this back up for easy finding on the home page.

  • And a small advertisement

    If you are looking for a great gift that says “Brattleboro” on it… we’ve got you covered:


    A Centre Church watch? Check. A Vermont Wheel Club flask? Check. Tons of Brattleboro T-shirts, posters and postcards? Check.

    Enjoy the calendar!

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