Happy 17th, iBrattleboro

Can you believe it? iBrattleboro’s been going for 17 years.  You’ve been people-powering journalism in Brattleboro for almost two decades.

This year, I leave it mostly to you to reflect on your accomplishments. (In addition to your thoughts, feel free to ask questions. We’ll answer anything today.)

For me, it is great to see more new users, and to see old friends returning. It’s nice to be able to read Richard Davis’s columns, I’m glad to see more people joining, commenting and writing about things that interest them, and it is nice to know the site still plays a role in the local media landscape.

Keep up the good work, and have a great 17th birthday! Next year, you can vote.

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  • At 17!

    It’s hard to believe it’s only been 17 years, it seems a permanent fixture that’s always been.

    I well remember the early days, under the Bush regime, and the many articles, arguments, and activism that came out of this place. So many changes have happened, in Bratt and the world, since then. Many people have come and gone here, too. People who first found their voices and the things that inspired them contributed here. Issues were hashed out and sometimes even resolved. Precedents were set. It’s been amazing.

    Personally, I’ll always be thankful for the support we got for the first union drive at the coop from iBratt members. We couldn’t have gotten as far as we did without you. And although that drive was unsuccessful, it opened the door for the second drive, and the coop workers are organized now.

    To the new site writers and users; if you’ve always wanted to write, be it journalism, creative writing, opinion pieces, humor, helpful tips, whatever- do it here. It’s a great place to start. And there’s always lots to say and report on in our town

    Congratulations on 17 years, iBrattleboro. Many more years to come, I hope.

  • 17 years? Really?

    Jeez, time sure flies by when… etc.
    And Thank You for being the discussion board for Brattleboro, for all the coverage you’ve done of the Selectboard meetings, for coverage of the elections, for all the discussions of the arts and the various and sundry goings on around town. Etc. You’ve helped make this town a decent place to live, and you are appreciated, even if it doesn’t get said very often.

  • Grateful

    Grateful for tall the things already listed and also for the hard work and remarkable success at community building that ibrattleboro continues to demonstrate

  • Also grateful...

    iBrattleboro kept me connected to this area before I moved here, and continues to be a primary source of information and opinions for me.

    Thank you and happy birthday!

  • ...and many more!

    Happy birthday, iBrattleboro!

    Other towns are jealous of what you’ve created here. They should be!

    From your site, I’ve made friends, kept in touch with town goings-on when I’ve been away, read excellent and thorough reporting on the Brattleboro Selectboard, had an outlet for all the words that tumble around in my head, etc.

    I even wrote a story about your 15th birthday! (It was 15, right? And, okay, I wrote it for another media outlet, but you were the subject.)

    More recently, iBrattleboro has allowed me to express my support for a Selectboard candidate, and ask for support for my RTM candidacy.

    But, what might be the most important thing of all, at least to me, is this: Every week when I get on the air at WVEW, I source nearly all of my public service announcements from iBrattleboro, and I direct listeners to your site to read more. WVEW is a community station, and I take seriously our responsibility to serve the community by encouraging people to attend public meetings, arts and cultural events, etc. And, because of your dedication to public service, you help me do that.

    So, many thanks, and here’s to many more years of iBrattleboro!

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