Know Your Rights in the Era of #MeToo

At 6 pm on Wednesday, March 27th, join the Women’s Action Team and the Women’s Freedom Center at Brooks Memorial Library, for an open community conversation: Know Your Rights in the Era of #MeToo.

The #MeToo Movement has clearly changed the cultural landscape. But how do we know if it’s safe to speak about our experiences of harm, especially in public?

We want to empower women and all survivors of sexual violence to know their rights, with the goal of creating a community where people are not afraid to come forward with their stories. Join the Women’s Action Team, the Women’s Freedom Center and our guest speakers for an open community conversation.

Guest speakers will include: victim rights attorney, Cara Cookson, writer, speaker and educator, Deborah Lee Luskin, first amendment attorney, Michael S. Lewis, and trial lawyer, James Valente.

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