New Program to Support the Seriously Ill Needs Volunteers

Brattleboro Area Hospice will be offering a new program that will help to support people with a recently diagnosed, serious but treatable illness.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with clients who are learning to live and thrive while they adjust to the changes that a serious illness brings. 

We need volunteers in place before we can launch! 

The Serious Illness Program (SIP) will offer volunteer services to members of our community who have been referred to us via their treatment provider. The expectation is that volunteers will be assigned for short (3 to 6 months) periods of time.

Here are a few examples of ways volunteers will help: 

  • Being a warm companion and listening ear
  • Helping to set up online supports or other computer assistance
  • Offering respite to care providers 
  • Helping out with meals and chores around the house
  • Transporting folks (while being a supportive presence) to their appointments and treatments
  • Helping with other challenges and needs that may arise 

Our first volunteer training will begin in March so that we can begin to accept clients in the Spring. 

Any questions? Please contact Eileen Glover, SIP Coordinator at or call 802-257-0775 or use click here to apply to be a volunteer.

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  • Do it!

    Hospice is great, as is Eileen. Definitely worth investing some spare time in this organization if you have any to spare.

    And this looks like a great additional program. Much needed!

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