Wall One More Try

Just a straight up submission, no drafting or saving. Needs a minimum of 100 characters so I’ll type a bit more. The error box is bright red, which is a bit harsh. Am I up to 100 characters. I must be getting close. Okay, submit again. Agh, still wants 100. Is it 100 words. That might be. In that case, we should change the error to say 100 words, instead of just 100. I wonder how many words this is. Not fair to have to count them myself! ha! Okay submitting again on the hope that i have 100. Ugh. still says I need to get to 100 words. How do I do this. Maybe it isn’t 100 words. Maybe it is 100 something elses. If that’s true, I’m lost. One hundred cats? One hundred blocks of cheese? Oh, please let me have a successful submission!

Okay, 100 paragraphs? This is getting to be a bit ridiculous. How many paragraphs did it take to write the first book.

And again with the submission error. I’m going to check this in Text Edit

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