Join the Brattleboro Youth Climate Action Rallies on March 15th

On March 15th, youth across the world, youth will be gathering to focus the attention of local, state and national legislators on protecting our resources and environment. 

Join young people of southern Vermont to demand that our lawmakers work to steer us from climate disaster, and protect our frontline communities who are already suffering the consequences of it. Gather peacefully to share ideas and ensure that future generations can live to experience a healthy natural world. Bring signs, songs, and knowledge. Bring your stories and passions. Bring respectful arguments, and a willingness to listen.

Help us make space for the voices of our students who represent a considerable portion of our community! Many of them are too young to vote, but care deeply about climate change and other matters. Support our local youth in helping our community, and the world!

There will be 3 events throughout the day, so if you cannot make it to one, please come to another one.

The first rally will gather in front of Brattleboro Union High School from 7:40 am- 8:45 am.

The second will gather from Noon -1 pm at Pliny Park, where they’ve been protesting there every Friday since December!

The third rally will be from 4 pm – 5 pm, and will again be at Pliny Park. Everyone is encouraged to come and make your voice heard during this climate mass action.

Learn more about the  Global Climate Strike for Future HERE, and sign the petition.

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