Community & Camaraderie – West River Wetland Tire Removal

In the Spring of 2017 I started alerting the Town of Brattleboro and related parties to the increasing tire accumulation  in the wetland just off the West River Trail . Last Fall Kathy Urffer , Steward of Connecticut River Conservancy , and a pirate  crew of volunteers, including  our local  Fire Dept , set out on a cold rainy  morning  in our first attempt of tire retrieval . I believe we brought  in around 133 tires that day .

On May 4th this Spring, volunteers  from The West River Trail,  S.E.Vt Watershed, Conn River Conservancy, and  Brattleboro Fire Dept came to help along with volunteers  from related area businesses, independent individuals , and also, VERY ENCOURAGING, a young man from our local school system . We got over 138 tires that day, this was more challenging then before  as the tires were more spread out and  in deeper water.

I want to  humbly thank every single  person involved , and take  the opportunity to specifically acknowledge folks who supported  the effort to bring this issue to the  community . Coverage with Kris Radder’s accurate ariel drone photos, and Bob Audette,s concise reporting ( Reformer), and BCTV producer Maria Dominguez, and video volunteer  assistance of Russ Gerabiec , brought this issue to  the forefront early in the Spring  of 2018.

Area business & land owners Denise Smith ( Marina ), Kelly Corbeil ( WTSA ) Katrina Wilson ( Integrated Solar ) gave their support  and cooperation from the beginning .

Marina manager, Kate Theriault provided us all hot meals after the first wet, cold clean up, a God save to say the least !  Jim Woolnough ,also a  longtime time Marina employee, used the Marina’s  boatyard  fork lift to relocate the removed tires. Dan Deits of Brattleboro Tire went way beyond the call of duty, using his own traitor & winch to help haul out tires throughout this last year. Both these gentlemen  saved us hours of hard labor and deserve a lot of credit !

Hats off also to  town employees Sue Fillion and Brian Bannon . ( Town Planning )

Again,  I graciously  thank everybody  and apologise  to anyone I overlooked .  In a world , right now, where things can seem so discouraging and bleak,  this local team effort  and camaraderie was personally  uplifting, may we not underestimate the magical possibilities  of community .

Vive la Brattleboro !!!    (  :

Terry Carter  802 254 5421

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  • One more to thank, ahem.

    There is much rightful thanking going on in the above, but there is a glaring omission – the biggest thanks needs to go to Terry Carter herself for caring enough to do something.

    This is a great example of one person being able to shine a light on something, allowing others to take notice and join in to accomplish a simple goal.

    This is good for the plants an animals in that area, and for all of us dumb people, too.

    What shall we accomplish next?

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