Solutions – A Community Conversation July 31 @118 Elliot

Hello Everyone,

This is an invitation to all in the community to participate in a conversation and exploration of solutions. I’ve included more details below. For updated info, please visit the Facebook event page at:

Hosted by The Commons & 118 Elliot
Evening moderated by Mac and Shanta Lee Gander

Featured Participants:
Continuum of Care
Community Organizing Effort
Downtown Brattleboro Alliance
Groundworks Collaborative
New Beginnings
Turning Point
Youth Services

This conversation is an invitation to everyone to discuss and explore solutions concerning some of the topics that The Commons has covered in recent Special Focus sections. This is not about individuals from a seat of power or position helping individuals who aren’t in those positions of power. Instead, this gathering is focused on asking the question: How can we all see ourselves as a part of the solution and what does that look like for our community? Please join us as we explore what’s possible. If you are with an organization, group, etc., we want to invite you to bring information to the conversation.

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  • Time and Topic

    The announcement lacks essential information: The time and topic of the July 31 event at 118 Elliot.

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