Slow Response to Housing Crisis

Brattleboro officials notice the housing crisis: 500 units are needed — NOW. But recent proposals for construction of a dozen or so units are a pathetic response.

The selectboard and committees are fixated on new construction, as if that is the only way.

Brattleboro Common Sense (BCS) proposed rent controls and just-cause eviction controls (JCE) two years ago, and town government has done nothing. BCS is also proposing emergency measures to create new housing by increasing occupancy limits and allowing RV’s to be rented as bedrooms and mini-houses in private driveways.

Town officials responded with concern about sufficient parking. The economy is wobbling, eople are being financially crushed, and apartments are almost impossible to find. This emergency must be addressed without first concern for parking spaces. It’s an emergency. The selectboard is capable of doing the right thing, under pressure.

Contact Brattleboro Common Sense.

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