Abortion Discussion: Should Abortion Be Legal

Should Abortion Be Legal

NOT the usual “debate”, but a public discussion by people around Brattleboro who believe in public discourse.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS OF ALL AGES, you will soon witness an electrifying display of daring and resolve as our heroic orators endure each others’ contradictions and risk criticism and ignominy in the public eye while relying for their protection solely on the mutual respect and dignity of their impassioned rivals

BCS will be producing a series of discussions on topical issues. For our part the purpose of the series is civil discussion itself. This event will not be a debate like the familiar candidate debate or game show. Speakers will not take turns answering questions from a moderator. It will be a public discussion of abortion and Proposition 22, and the question: Should Abortion Be Legal? We expect the public will witness their neighbors earnestly disagreeing on a moral issue. This is tantamount for the event and the series.

6:30 PM Wednesday, November 2, 2022
28 Birge Street, Brattleboro

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