The Master of Miasma Is Almost Gone

Blog#137- 11/20/22

By Richard Davis

The best news that came out of the recent mid-term elections is the deflation of the gasbag that has had too much influence over our lives for the past 10 years. A creature of the media such as he has had the ability the cast a large dark shadow over this country, and much of the world, because of the way that information is disseminated.

One would hope that the current information age would be a vehicle for good, but it is impossible to prevent evil people from doing evil things. A man with such a large ego understands that he can promote himself by manipulating all of the tools that social media has to offer and he and his team have masterfully done that.

The word that comes to mind to describe all of the evil that he has created is miasma. The dictionary defines it as “an oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere which surrounds or emanates from something”. The man became the master of miasma and we have all suffered because of it.

When he ran for President many of us did not take him seriously and we were convinced that such a fool could never ascend to such a high political level.

But he fooled all of us and he was able to claim the most powerful political seat in the world because of the magnitude of his ego driven evil.

As he moved into the role of president-who-would-be-dictator the miasma began to envelop us. It became a physical feeling for too many of us and there was a sharp increase in the number of people seeking help from professional therapists. Their world was upended and when it became clear that the truth no longer mattered it was difficult to make sense of anything.

Sensible people were forced to live in a world that had become their worst nightmare and we were overwhelmed with evil for four years. When he lost his bid for another term there was a great deal of relief, but the gasbag wars continued with the culmination of a nearly completed coup.

After the insurrection and the revelation of the theft of top secret documents it still looked as though the master of miasma was still in a position of too much power and influence. It was hard to believe that there would be any accountability for all of the laws he had broken and all of the evil that he forced upon the world.

But the mid-term election of 2022 changed everything. The people who supported him finally realized that it was time to move on and leave him behind.

He had too much baggage and there was concrete proof that he had caused the defeat of too many Republican candidates.

The Republican party was slow to see who their biggest enemy was but, when they did, it was a turning point in American politics. When it became clear to me that the miasma master had lost his mojo I felt a release from ennui that provided me with a physical feeling of euphoria.

When such an influential force of evil pervades the cosmos all of us have pieces of our soul torn apart. It is some sort of political rape, a violation of the spirit of our hope for a better world. We can now move on, but we must do so carefully because people as evil as this man can find ways to reinvent themselves and still do more evil. There will be two more years of media attention.

That is why it is so important that this man be punished. Without just punishment it will be difficult for many of us to stop feeling the vulnerability that a lingering miasma creates. There must be prosecution and there must be penalties that result in jail time. The mental health of a big part of the world depends on it.

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