Suggestion for Solution for Homeless Folks

Apparently, from what I am reading about Brattleboro and other areas there are restrictions on land use and local zoning ordinances and state laws, etc., etc., but what about “unrestricted land” for sale in Vermont?

If a few non-profits got together, and did some of those online fundraisers, maybe you all together could come up with enough money to buy “unrestricted” land in Vermont and a bunch of tents from a big box store like Home Depot or Walmart.

If you can find a property with a stream on in, people can take a dip to get clean.

O.K., here’s what I am seeing on the internet, maybe this will help, search UNRESTRICTED LAND FOR SALE IN VERMONT:
31.8 Acres of Land for Sale in New Haven, Vermont
Pearson Rd, New Haven, VT 05472
$280,000. for 31.8 Acres, and you could fit 300 trailers on that.
81.3 Acres of Recreational Land for Sale in Glover, Vermont
$299,500. for 81.32 Acres and you could fit 800 trailers on that.

Keep in mind, the undocumented migrants are slowly heading up north, and many of them have job skills.

My friends in North Carolina, where there are 20,000 illegal alien immigrant children in the public school system just in the county they live in, would never call them “illegal”, they just call them “fence hoppers”.
203 Acres of Land with Home for Sale in Brownington Town, Vermont $349,000. for 202.6 Acres could hold 2,000 homeless people in tents and trailers and teepees.

Keep in mind, I am just looking at ads for “unrestricted” land where you might be able to do whatever you want with it, including creating a camping ground for the homeless.

Well, the listings go on and are changing daily, so if you have a non-profit and you can get together with a few other non-profits dedicated to finding a solution for now, for the homeless and the possibility of incoming fence hoppers, then if you can do some of those online fundraisers, it seems to me like you could create a tent/RV/trailer/teepee camping ground for all of the homeless people in Vermont and the ones on the way.

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