Housing Crisis Fake News ?

The town has waged a legal campaign against BCS for its emergency homeless shelters in RVs for a year now. Their charges are based on rumors and technicalities.

They can win only by their legal power. At our “trial” February 21, 2023 selectwoman Elizabeth McLoughlin objected to the chairperson referring to the housing emergency. She said BCS (Daims) was the only one declaring it that. BTW the housing crisis was already a national issue. The only deniers were on the Brattleboro selectboard. (The selectboard is the health board).

See Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjZ282hGs2Q&t=3669s McLoughlin made that statement and no one on the board contradicted her.

If you were on trial, would you want such people on the jury ?

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  • Board Dysfunction

    ” McLoughlin made that statement and no one on the board contradicted her.”

    A board member that badly out of line, yet not one of her colleagues speaking up, is the hallmark of a dysfunctional group. Is it false unity? Or are they all just out to lunch?

    At every Brattleboro Selectboard election , candidates declare their independence from group-think, yet no matter who gets elected, the mindlessness persists. What’s up with that? How hard can it be on a five-person town selectboard to show some backbone and integrity?

  • opportunity

    A tremendous number of 5-0 votes on SB this year. Voters have an opportunity on Tuesday to replace two of those five.

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