My Son Took This Photo of a UFO Above Brattleboro

I taught my child, who is 7, how to take pictures of UFOs, or UFAUXs. Get them started early, and they will have a craft that can support them for a lifetime.

Anyways, I did teach him this week, and he took this photo today. What more can I say ?


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  • I really think this belongs in the "Town News" part of iBratt

    I mean, yes, there is a family angle, but, am I the only person who finds this momentous ?

  • Maybe Nature

    I’m more intrigued by the flying snake he got in the photo…

    • FLYING SNAKE !?!

      That is not a flying snake, that is the shiny reflection of the underbelly of the space craft.

      Why, it’s as clear as the budget rejection vote! IT’S RIGHT THERE ! ! !

      Sigh. I sense people’s doubt. However, I think all doubts will be cleared away on May 2.

      Local psychics say that the biggest UFO ever is coming to our skies that night.

  • UFOs In Brattleboro

    I can honestly say that Brattleboro is the only place I’ve ever lived where UFOs have regularly visited, and I love it. It’s one of the things that makes Brattleboro special. When we first moved here, we had several people tell us, in all truthfulness to their own experience, that they’d seen large UFOs fly overhead in the night sky — one the size of a football field. We had an actual alien landing one night in June a while back in which a group of blue aliens enjoyed Gallery Walk. I’m almost certain BCTV video campers filmed a UFO of some sort, and lately, Rolf (and his child) has become the chief correspondent on this phenomenon.

    This picture is unusually nice. I was happy to see UFOs are interested in the Brooks House.

    • Good intentions

      Hello Lise,

      I wonder if they are interested in the Brooks House, or if they were just zooming by?

      The funny thing about objects in the sky is that it is impossible for the human mind to tell what their size is. Impossible.

      The object in the photo my boy took could be as large as a football field, or, as large as a plane, or, no larger than a lid to a jar, for example. In fact, that last possibility is a strong contender for being the most likely.

      (I speak as someone who was present at the time the photo was taken. However, who says an intergalactic spaceship need be the size predicted for a human scaled object? I mean, what id the aliens were the size of frogs? They might fly little spaceships the size of jar lids like the ones in my house, for example.)

      I do want to say that M\my primary objective, is not to make fun of people, or their beliefs in the intergalactic origin of “UFO”s. Rather, I hope to make people laugh a little. Also, I delight in optical illusions. This seems like a good way to demonstrate them, as well as to bring a little more mirth to Brattleboro.

      • Tiny aliens

        Ha! I once wrote a short science fiction story about very tiny aliens landing.

        As for sightings that are actually unidentified, there were a number of UFO sightings in upstate NY in the mid-1970’s. On one farm, after a visit, the farmer found a large indentation in a field. This caused crowds to go to the farm and wait for another visit, which didn’t happen. Another farmhouse, where a kid I knew lived, was visited by something floating overhead with lights in a double cross pattern. My mom was a reporter for the local paper and we went out to cover it. We didn’t see the big ship above, but did see odd lights above the horizon – as if a fast plane was zipping from the eastern part of the sky to the western side in a wide arc, then pausing mid-air, then reversing direction. We saw a couple of distant lights doing this and watched them for a while. I still have no idea what they were, but they were interesting to watch.

        One local story I heard was from down near Guilford, with a large, football-field sized structure floating above trees and being chased by jets. The giant structure was able to keep evading the jets, who had trouble turning fast enough. The witness saw these things rise above the hills then drop below for a while, and the “ship” flew directly overhead.

      • Rolf, your goal to bring a

        Rolf, your goal to bring a little laughter, delight and wonder to the weary residents of Brattleboro is very much appreciated. God knows we can all stand a little laughter – especially lately. Keep up the mirth bringing!

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