Gluten-Free Cafe in Brattleboro!

I had no idea until yesterday that there is a FULLY gluten-free cafe in Brattleboro!  Those of us who have to avoid gluten have been waiting for this for a long time.  As I understand it, the kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free facility, making it a safe choice for celiacs.

The cafe is Equilibrium on the corner of Elm and Elliot, right next to TJ Buckley’s.  When Turning Point moved out, I saw the building get painted, saw glimpses of merchandise through the window, and saw the sandwich board go out in front of the door announcing vegan offerings, bodywork, dance events, and yoga classes.

I admit, it looked like a place that wouldn’t meet my needs. 

I was wrong.

We went there yesterday for a private event in their large, sunny back room.  You first walk into a sweet little cafe with tables and a blackboard menu.  I had to ask a few times to believe my ears, but from what I understood, their kitchen is completely gluten-free.  Their baked goods are amazing, if the chocolate-cinnamon frosted cupcake I had was any indication.

For many folks I know with celiac or gluten-intolerance, it’s not enough to just have “gluten free” items on the menu if they are not guaranteed made in a dedicated kitchen.  The co-op is one example of this; some of their deli products are made without gluten ingredients, but as far as I know, they do not have a dedicated gluten-free food prep area, so their “gluten-free” food is not safe for those who have to avoid cross-contamination.

I am not sure if their kitchen is dedicated free of other common allergens (worth asking!) but their baked goods are apparently all dairy-free, vegan, and soy-free. 

So I’ll be going back to support Equilibrium and enjoy their food without worry.  Best of all, it’s walkable from downtown, for those of us who live in town and like a good walk on a sunny day (or prefer not to drive).

I’m looking forward to seeing who I might meet there.  Maybe it will be you, or one of your gluten-free friends.  Please spread the word — those who have these dietary restrictions will be grateful to hear about this!

I found a link online –

Hope this is helpful to those who maybe didn’t realize the extent of the food accommodations there.

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  • Thanks for sharing this

    Thanks for sharing this information, Amanda. I knew they were a vegan cafe but had no idea they were also GF. I have so many friends that are either vegan or Gf and it’s really hard to find somewhere to have lunch that will satisfy everyone. I will be spreading the word about this little gem!

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