Wednesday Farmers’ Market Opens June 18th! Downtown by the Co-op!

JUNE 18th– The Wednesday Market opens downtown by the Co-op on the Whetstone Pathway! We’ve got local farms offering freshly-harvested veggies, plants, strawberries, and cut flowers, plus maple products and preserves, fresh eggs, and more. A new baker, “Bijou Bakery- Jewels from the Oven”, joins us with delectable Italian baked goods, and of course there is the legendary Anon’s Thai Cuisine. EBT and Debit welcome! Open 10am to 2pm.

For more info, please call 802-254-8885 or find us on facebook.

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  • Summer markets

    Welcome back! It’s always fun seeing the summer markets coming out from winter hibernation.

    I do miss the mid-town market near Gibson Aiken, but the Coop is only a few blocks away.

    • I miss the mid town

      I miss the mid town market,too. I used to plan all my downtown errands for market day; library; bank; post office; market. The one at the co op is good but has a little different feel than the Gibson Aiken site. But, love all our wonderful markets..such a treat to have access to so many local foods.

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