The Case of the Vanishing Farmer’s Market

It seems like the Wednesday Farmers Market located on the Whetstone Path near the co-op is slowly disappearing. Of course it has always been a smaller market that the big Saturday one but today it was really surprising. There were only 2 small farms there-both selling very limited types of produce. No berries to be found anywhere. There was the flower man; a bakery with a few tasty looking morsels. the always popular Thai food truck (with a very long line); there may have been someone selling honey but that was it. Definitely not worth the trip if you weren’t planning on going to the co -op (where I was able to find local blueberries).

The Wednesday market has always been a nice way for people who can’t get to the Saturday market for one reason or another – to still have access to local produce and support local farmers. But,if the offerings are as scant as they were today I can’t imagine it would be very profitable for any of the vendors. Maybe the early morning flash flood warnings kept vendors away? It would be a shame if this market simply disappears this early in the season.

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  • I noticed that. Swung by for

    I noticed that. Swung by for a quick shop, and couldn’t find what I was looking for; sadly left emptyhanded. I feel really bad for the few farmers toughing it out alone.

    There were some berries at 10am, they might’ve sold out before you got there. It was my first visit of the season, and was nothing like years past. Fingers crossed that it’s only a fluke.

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