Wednesday Market Open This Wednesday

For your local eating pleasure we have extended dates for the Wednesday Farmers’ Market: OPEN TOMORROW! 10- 2 downtown by the Coop.

Please come visit and support the delicious hard work of Lost Barn Farm, Deer Ridge Farm, and Anon’s Thai. There’s both yummy storage crops and fresh greens for your cozy fall meals.

Saturday Market: LAST MARKET October 25th. Outside on Rte 9, West Brattleboro, 9-2, Rain or Shine!

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  • Not the market of previous years

    The Wednesday Farmers Market this year was a huge disappointment. Only one or two farms were there each week – a much smaller selection of produce was available. The only real draw was the always delicious Thai Anon. I’m not sure if someone else is managing the market or why so few farms were represented but it was not worth making the trip downtown for. I can’t imagine that the farmers who participated made much money because often times I saw customers (myself included) go to the market looking for produce that wasn’t available and just going to the co op. I hope someone takes a look at why the market was so small this year and works to bring it back to the bustling,produce full market it was in past years.

    • Location?

      Do you think it is the new location? I find that Coop area to be a poor one for the downtown market, and enjoyed the shady space and green lawns of near Gibson Aiken. There was easy parking and walking, it was near bank machines, and didn’t compete with much else by way of distraction.

      The Co-op plaza walkway doesn’t feel as comfy, cool, or relaxed. There is a lot of traffic and noise.

      Move back uptown! : )

      • Location, Location, Location...

        I do think it’s the location, Chris. I loved the market when it was next to the Senior Center. It was an easy walk for me; some shade, lots of diverse farms and other food vendors. At one point there was both Thai Anon and a traveling wood burning pizza truck. It was certainly convenient for the seniors to shop at and it just seemed friendlier and more small town “market” like. The parking lot at the co op is a nightmare on a good day and then having to deal with getting out of the lot with the ridiculous traffic situation at the infamous junction. I used to see post office and various bank employees at the downtown market buying lunch or veggies or some excellent lemon zucchini bred from the bakers that were there. It’s a shame they didn’t keep it in that space.

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