What’s With Amy’s?


Amy’s has always offered at least one coffee selection which was organic and fair trade…until recently. Am I the only one annoyed at the change?

The other day I bought a large coffee and one of those personal-size pies at a cost of seven dollars and change. After putting my change into the tip jar I could not help thinking: “Wow, for the same $8 (well, maybe 9) I could have had lunch at the Panda with soup, brown rice, and a nice entrée.

The pie was supposed to be strawberry-rhubarb, which I figure is mandatory at least once each Spring. But it had no character. The filling was a sweet mush, so indistinct that it could just as well have been blueberry, and the crust was not flakey or in any way interesting: just sweet with no character.

OK, it was my choice to splurge on coffee and pie in a pleasant Main Street bakery at an upscale price. But at least I should have gotten something whose memory would be how incredibly good it was rather than a disappointment. It was barely better, if at all, than some pre-wrapped pastry at a convenience store.

So what’s with Amy’s? Did I just happen in on the good baker’s day off? Or has Amy’s become one of the places which was once excellent and now continues to make money coasting on its momentum, prime location, and tourist trade?

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