Save Dottie’s!

Sadly, the Brattleboro Co-op, with minimal announcement to its owners, is planning to close Dottie’s. In the current “Food for Thought”, they describe it as “the integration of Dottie’s into our main store”. If this happens, Dottie’s as we know and love it, will no longer exist.

Although the plans seem to be far along, we are asking the management to kindly reconsider.

Many people, especially those on a tight food budget, rely on Dottie’s, and everyone benefits from the mix of interesting products, many of which are not available in the main co-op.

In the same “Food for Thought,” it is reported that “we have added many varieties of value-priced items, like Food Club canned beans and tomato products, to both support this increased activity and to meet the needs of Dottie’s shoppers.” But a bargain corner stocking “value priced”, often inferior quality items will do little for any of Dottie’s varied shoppers.

If you value having Dottie’s in our community, please sign the petition, which will be available in front of the parking garage, on Mondays Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1-4 PM, starting this Mon., 10/19;

request that your email be forwarded to the board by writing to Sarah, the admin asst –;

or contact any or all of the following folks as soon as possible:



Marketing & Community Outreach:

Store Manager:

If you are a member, plan to attend the Zoomed Annual meeting on Nov. 11th from 5:30-7:45, and let the management know your thoughts. For RSVP & further info:

Donna Faith K-Brooks

Leslie Read

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